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It all begins with the floor…

Your floor covering is an important part of your décor scheme and it should suit the character and ambiance you want to create in a room whilst also practically matching your lifestyle. With the wide variety of textures and colours available, a carpet will complement every room design and colour scheme. The fact is they can’t be matched for sheer all-round performance and aesthetic appeal. Bring the beauty of a carpet into your home.

Carpet adds warmth, comfort, and is quieter than hard surfaces in your home. Today’s consumers can choose from an array of styles, patterns, fibers, textures, and performance characteristics. Residential carpet represents a substantial financial investment for consumers. An informed choice about carpet requires a balance between style requirements and practical considerations. Think about your budget, the amount of traffic the carpet will receive, and the amount of maintenance required. Assess your carpeting requirements by completing the following preliminary carpet needs analysis.

Our in-house installation team is highly skilled, experienced and supervised.

We supply and install a wide range of carpets, made from various materials and in different styles:

  • Acrylic. Its wool-like appearance makes it popular for natural product styles, but it does not have the same quality characteristics as wool;
  • Berber. A type of carpet which uses handspun yarns made from undyed wool Coarse
  • Loop Pile. It has coarse or uneven loops, often created from chunky yarn, for a more textured appearance;
  • Cut-Loop. A pile with a sculptured appearance created by cutting some loops and leaving others uncut at the same or a different level;
  • Cut Pile. The tops of loops are cut, usually to a uniform length;
  • Frieze or Hard Twist Pile. A cut pile carpet where yarns are twisted and heat set to achieve a textured pile surface;
  • Nylon. An extremely hard-wearing and good looking carpet fibre;
  • Polyester. A synthetic carpet fibre, favourably priced, with superb built-in stain resistance;
  • Polypropylene. A very well priced and fairly extensively used synthetic carpet fibre. It is important to note that most carpets made of lower priced fibres do not compare in performance to carpets made of quality wools or nylons;
  • Saxony. A dense and even cut pile carpet where yarns are treated to make each tuft-end distinguishable at the surface;
  • Wool. Truly a unique carpet fibre made by Mother Nature, with an appeal and appearance retention way beyond that of any synthetic. The fibre is water repellent and naturally anti-static which improves soil resistance and ease of maintenance. Wool is inherently flame resistant and scorch marks can usually be brushed away. The pile recovers very well from tread and pressure of furniture and gives unsurpassed comfort.
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