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Our unique seamless stone flooring system

  • Quartz Carpet, the world leader in seamless flooring systems, originated from Belgium in 1986 and started in South Africa in 2002
  • Quartz Carpet is a flooring system made using naturally tumbled alluvial stone, imported from Europe. It is mixed on site with specially developed resins and troweled by hand to a 6mm thickness creating a seamless surface
  • The stones are naturally tumbled and rounded. They have no sharp edges, chips or fissures as a result of this natural process. When you walk on Quartz Carpet it is smooth underfoot
  • The glacial stone used in this beautiful flooring system is exceedingly durable. The roundness of the quartz stones created by being tumbled down glacial rivers over millions of years gives this product a smooth sensation underfoot
  • ​Quartz Carpet is warmer than tiles and has the same ambient temperature as the air.  This is due to the small pockets of air trapped between the stones of the flooring system
  • The Quartz Carpet stone flooring system is completely under-floor heating compliant
  • Quartz Carpet is extremely durable.  It measures 8 on the Measure of Hardness scale (MOH), where a diamond measures 10
  • The resins used are specifically developed for the harsh UV rays of our African climate as well as daily wear and tear, and comprises of quartz stone mixed with Aliphatic Polyurethane which is by the nature of its chemical generic 100% UV stable
  • It is an ideal flooring system for pool surrounds, patios, showers, ramps and walkways and can be installed vertically and on staircases
  • Quartz Carpet is hygienic and has passed international hygienic standards tests. It is slip-resistant and smooth underfoot, and can create an uninterrupted flow from the bathroom floor into the shower
  • Pore-Filled Quartz Carpet is ideal for kitchens due to its stain-resistant properties.
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