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Garden Route Flooring Solutions is an installer of Oggie, and a supplier and approved installer of Suntups wooden flooring.


We regularly install Oggie floors on behalf of our business partners. All Oggie Oak floors have FSC certification, which is an independent, non-government, not-for-profit organisation established to promote the responsible management of the world’s forest

Oggie has become the most desired hardwood flooring brand throughout South Africa due to their superior quality and the benefits that come from dealing with people who are as passionate about customer satisfaction as they are about their products.

To help ensure that their floors maintain their appearance, Oggie has partnered with WoodCare Denmark (WOCA), the global leaders of wood flooring finishing and maintenance products. All Oggie pre-finished hardwood floors are finished with WOCA Denmark’s emission free, enhanced UV protection, 2K hardening oils as part of the manufacturing process, and are coated after installation with extra protection WOCA Maintenance Oil. Well maintained wood keeps its natural ambience and beautiful appearance. The treatment and maintenance products you use go a long way towards ensuring that your hardwood floors will give a lifetime of good wear.

Oggie Hardwood Flooring’s Nick Gluckman says it really is possible that your floors can continue to stay in the same condition as the day they were installed, for several decades with proper maintenance, using WOCA’s specialised vegetable based, emission free products. Oggie supplies WOCA Denmark soaps in liquid form. These soaps will clean and preserve your Oak floors. They also contain additives to make your floor more dirt and wear resistant and easier to keep clean. About once a year or after an incident you might want to use WOCA Oil Refresher to rejuvenate the floor’s protective coating with a penetrating hardening oil that will fill tiny scratches and restore the woods protective coating.

Suntups Wooden Flooring is a company that specialises in ‘Solid wood flooring and Solid engineered single plank wood flooring’ and Steven Suntup, who heads the company, is the third generation of the Suntups family in the timber industry. Wood is in the family blood.

Suntups are proud to boast the largest range of wooden flooring in South Africa. The flooring ranges are all personally sourced by Steven Suntup from factories world-wide ensuring machining, finishing quality as well as correct drying procedures. Steven Suntup has over the last 17 years bought and sold wooden flooring from various factories, run his own flooring factory, installed flooring using sub-contractors and moved on to install flooring with his own trained staff and now has sourced full ranges of flooring being distributed and installed nationally around Southern Africa.

Suntups Wooden Flooring is also an overseas member of NWFA which is the National Wood Flooring Association in the USA and SALWFA which is The South African Laminated & Wood Flooring Association. Steven Suntup is also the technical adviser on solid wooden flooring to SALWFA Suntups Wooden Flooring have also secured the agency from the Netherlands of the installation system “Elastilon” In the opinion of Steven Suntup, it is the best installation method for solid and engineered wooden floors and is also the cleanest and easiest system to install, with least inconvenience to the customer, also over coming many difficult and technical problems associated with other installation methods.

All Suntups wooden floors are guaranteed for their quality, machining and seasoning/drying. So the bottom line is, if you install a solid or solid engineered floor in your house make sure it is hand selected by Steven Suntup and insist on a Suntups Wooden Floor.

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