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Tile Cleaning & Sealing in the Garden Route:

Professional quality service for all natural stone and terracotta.

We are the specialists in:

  • Tile Sealing;
  • Tile Cleaning;
  • Tile Stripping;
  • Domestic, Commercial and Industrial tile Cleaning & Sealing.

Sealing Tiles

Sealing tiles ensures protection, facilitates easier tile cleaning and therefore creates a healthier hygienic condition.

We prepare the floor for sealing by removing all dirt and building residues. The machines we use enable us to work quickly and efficiently, reducing down time by as much as possible. The correct preparation is vital as it ensures the finest sealing results, thereby protecting your investment and keeping your floors looking great.

The sealers used are the latest and best technology can offer. All products conform with EU “REACH” safety regulations and are manufactured to be the safest for humans and the environment.

Anti-Slip Treatment

The Anti-Slip Treatment is used to treat tiles that are slippery when wet. The Anti-Slip Treatment creates microscopic mountains and valleys on the surface of the tile, allowing water to disperse from wherever a person treads, much like the way good quality car tyres disperse water from the road. These microscopic mountains and valleys, after dispersing water, will create a vacuum wherever water has been dispersed. This creates extra grip on the tile thereby increasing safety.

The Anti-Slip Treatment is a quick, cost effective and long lasting way to treat slippery tiles without having to resort to replacing the tiles. Most tiles have no discernable difference in colour once treated, and will matt down. On darker colour tiles (black, dark blue & dark brown) a slight lightening in colour could occur, but a sample is always done before application for the customer to approve.


Turn dirty old floors into new clean floors. Powerful water and solvent based strippers are used when restoring floors. Stripping is necessary when standard cleaners are not powerful enough and when floors that have been previously sealed are in a state of disrepair. Using the best machinery and with many years experience we are able to make any old floor look brand new. Stripping is not for the faint hearted and should be handled by professionals. Generally after stripping, the floor should be resealed.

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